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Park Avenue Concierge Medicine (PACM) is the private, internal medicine practice of Joseph Mulvehill, M.D. Park Avenue Concierge Medicine provides comprehensive medical services of the highest standard. Dr. Mulvehill and his staff take pride in their quality care, service, integrity and experience. Park Avenue Concierge Medicine efficiently combines the valued medical traditions of personalized patient counseling and respect with leading edge diagnostic testing, medical analysis and advice. 

One Goal: Park Avenue Concierge Medicine provides highly individualized and proactive medical care with one goal—the optimization of your health. Health optimization requires a strong, ongoing patient-physician relationship. 

One Physician: Dr. Mulvehill personally takes the time to know you in depth. He thoroughly reviews and knows your medical, family and personal histories. Dr. Mulvehill is your primary contact for all medical issues and efficiently coordinates and monitors additional medical specialists as required. 

One Source: Park Avenue Concierge Medicine: is your one source for medical care that is premiere, proactive and personalized. You will enjoy 24/7 direct cell phone access to Dr. Mulvehill, unhurried visits (in office or in home), and will never, ever waste your valuable time in a waiting room.

Park Avenue Concierge Medicine
127 East 61st Street Ground Floor
New York, NY 10065 
Phone (212) 737-3136 • Fax (212) 737-3481