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Comprehensive End-of-Life Care

Dr. Mulvehill has extensive experience in managing the special requirements of the home hospice patient.

Park Avenue Concierge Medicine (PACM) provides the end-of-life patient with thorough and uncompromising home hospice care. The comfort and dignity of the patient and the patient’s family are always central to this care. Dr. Mulvehill spends a great deal of time understanding the patient’s family culture, religion, spirituality and personal preferences and carefully incorporates these factors into the treatment plan.

Dr. Mulvehill personally coordinates the patient’s home hospice care providing continuity and unwavering support during a stressful disease course. The home hospice patient and family are guided and accompanied through the emotional challenges and medical decisions associated with hospice care.

Our primary goal is to allow the home hospice patient to live pain free, achieve closure on personal issues and to die surrounded by family and friends.

Home Nursing Care

PACM coordinates home nursing care as appropriate. Registered Nurses and Home Health Aids are available 24/7. PACM works with all major home care agencies in New York.

Pain Management

PACM carefully monitors pain management requirements to ensure the comfort of the patient and to minimize adverse side effects.

Park Avenue Concierge Medicine (PACM) is the private, internal medicine practice of Joseph Mulvehill, M.D.


What Our Patient’s Say

“I know we can always rely on Dr. Mulvehill’s experience, medical knowledge, and compassion to provide excellent care for our members. Dr. Mulvehill is a wonderful resource for PinnacleCare in New York.” 


Teresa Lepore, Vice President, Director Northeast Region, PinnacleCare

“Dr. Mulvehill has provided medical care for myself and my family for over eight years, he is an outstanding physician who always goes the extra mile for his patients.”


John Murray, Attorney at Law

“As a visiting nurse I appreciate the problems of visiting sick people in their home. I have had the opportunity to work with patients under Dr. Mulvehill’s care for the past 7 years. Dr. Mulvehill treats his patients with compassion whether in his office or in their home. His care extends to encompass both patients and their families. He is truly a DOCTOR in the classic sense that cares for his patients 24/7” 


Hanna Jacub, RN BS