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Concierge Medicine New York City Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Park Avenue Concierge Medicine uses remote patient monitoring, also referred to as remote physiologic monitoring, and the use of digital technologies to monitor and capture medical and other health data from patients.

Remote patient monitoring was already gaining popularity before the COVID-19 health crisis, and can now be used by patients to stay in constant contact with Dr. Mulvehill.

Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring:

The emergence of telemedicine and remote monitoring has redefined the intersection of health care and technology.  For more than two decades Park Avenue Concierge Medicine has worked to develop a digital platform to strengthen our highly personalized, premium brand of medicine.  We partner directly with leading device manufacturers to ensure the accurate and secure capture of patient data in real time.

Medication Management:

Aging at home can be challenging for patients who may have a large number of medications to take multiple times per day.  Helping patients to be compliant with their medications has always been a core objective of Park Avenue Concierge Medicine.  Medication dispensing appliances and remote monitoring help ensure that seniors, chronic care patients and other patients managed at home take their correct medications on time.

Blood Pressure:

Achieving good blood pressure control is essential in helping to prevent stroke and heart disease.  Remote monitoring allows providers to view readings in real time, to engage in ongoing discussions with each patient, and to adjust medications as necessary.

Glucose Monitoring:

Diabetes is a major health concern. Good glucose control can prevent hospitalization and serious long term complications, allowing patients to lead healthy lives.  Advances in device technology and remote monitoring allow for blood glucose levels to be tracked through the twenty-four hour cycle. This stream of data allows for the ideal modification of patient diet and medications.


Daily weight data aids in patient weight management. It can also be invaluable in monitoring water retention levels in patients with congestive heart failure.

Oxygen Saturation:

It is critical to consistently monitor oxygen saturation levels in patients with chronic respiratory conditions. This monitoring guides medication optimization and can greatly improve patient quality of life.


Telemedicine has become an instrumental part of healthcare delivery. It allows for efficient patient care via live video without the traditional in person visit.


Our application allows for secure messaging with patients and caregivers.
Remote Patient Monitoring